as the dust falls

tenderly, she puts the book to rest. Not knowing or caring what dark thing may take her last, waking breath. Slipping into a sorrowful abyss a tear broke the skin and loosened her clenched fist. A prayer birthed and escaped her tongue yet reaches not her beloved one. tenderly: is a wing that beats not […]

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oh take the hardness in my soul transform it into a diamond so I can still myself from obstruction of the coming currency of light dancing ever so slightly to make you laugh rainbows that you may one day cry for in the darkest of time oh roll me in your hands and lift me […]

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that sweet push and pull

I have been a forlorn lover’s reminder Of the magic beyond the visible spectrum I have been the silvering that steals them From emptiness into the full moon of midnight I have offered a magnetic field that sweet forgotten children somehow find; To frolic in open landscapes, and from their worries; unwind I am this […]

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