An Ode to Remember

I delve into the weight of a book. Water wipes me clean of the rocks it does not own. And to the many markets I have plucked from I weep for I cannot return to light manuals and unshadowed bulbs. I’ll always catch it thus so. I remember the skirts in the wind long before […]

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no time

I am neither too sad to forget that Love is this life’s journey So vast and fascinating And oh! its magic is well beyond the grasping of our individual imagination Nor am I too happy to forget the pain of the moment When all that kept us warm and surefooted is sliced chillingly from the […]

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This is a Stubborn Love Poem

You. You are a rainbow to me, OK? Whether on the greyest days where we play in the merciless rain feeling so free that the cold is an invitation to just be – presently- in exchange of care, -silently- or under the covers ravaging soft and bare momentum freefalling finding waves of honesty there But […]

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Mid Day Wander

mid day into a city scene wanders me with waking feet fevered for ambiguity while quiet sidewalks wait hesitantly working clocks strike inevitability and blinding bright sunbeams are met with crisp black authority straight forward and orderly suddenly breathing is like paddling upstream coat tails swish confidently lines march on into the horizon trailing only […]

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