stream lining

been streamlining been finding things that birth smiles in me been finding things that I havent seen in a while streamlining letting this movement carry me I am moving through the cracks in the earth I am tumbling I am being set free washing the sediment clean letting it settle on the banks letting the […]

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river of innervention

Divine intervention – river of connections a stream of thought, a spirit’s domain: kinetic, alive, gravitational, simplifying, purifying, catalyzing birth of life, birth of concept abstracting ideas like stones from a mountain arranged by unseen order streamlining for the magnitude of capacity of uses defined by its omniscient partner rippling, rising, swirling, falling, churning, rushing […]

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travelling in still

in this sated light wind gently brushing the sheer from the blind sinking into the horizon inside I am no longer running I am no longer yearning This thing that is brighter is no longer the other side this touch to my fingers so intermittently real- familiar to hold- is now how I feel I […]

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hush of the heart

hush, hush, hush for it is time, now that the wisest of sentiments makes its way past the thorns of intellect to slip in the heart’s door after sunset   photo by Allison Castley (2006) English Bay, Stanley Park  Vancouver BC

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