parting in prayer

Shadows extend and bend around the corner never quite touching me flickering like a candle showing me something more than black against white- more than a light divided overnight different, but no longer afraid of the other softer now, they soothe with the close of bodies in prayer Quiet minutes of the morning dissipate like […]

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Rumi: I Am And I Am Not

I Am and I Am Not I’m drenched in the flood which has yet to come I’m tied up in the prison which has yet to exist Not having played the game of chess I’m already the checkmate Not having tasted a single cup of your wine I’m already drunk Not having entered the battlefield […]

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tell me.

I’ve been filleted like a bass or a rock cod gutted clean of soul and thought I’m just following my feet from shadows to the streetlight And no, I dont want to talk but I guess I will come out tonight If thats what you want… I dont really care where it is Im just […]

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