tell me.

I’ve been filleted like a bass or a rock cod gutted clean of soul and thought I’m just following my feet from shadows to the streetlight And no, I dont want to talk but I guess I will come out tonight If thats what you want… I dont really care where it is Im just […]

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unfinished departure

What is it wherein the will is stirred and cooed by the harmony of Her deep languid pools drawing my body, ignorant of gravity revisiting this seaside reverie like a ghost travel past dark windows and settled bones to a heart-filled room where a drum beats to a lively tune pah– pah-pah pah-pah punctuating the […]

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offering undoing into being

I write this in the momentary stillness of now While the moon has risen to its contented, cloudless plateau From here, with floor bare and window wide an oasis on the hill I take this light inward on a glowing guywire steadily stepping from sky to third eye to drink,deeply,my heart’s fill So now without […]

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