Re-Birthing A Field

Re-Birthing A Field Fearlessness and the Friend called my feet to a Field This field could whisper to my Noticing So cleverly, it asked me to drink from the delightful Refreshment right there, at the Spring  beyond the end of the path; Remarkably located at the end of my yearning; I laughed, for an “X” […]

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May All Beings, Be.

May all beings, myself included, Be deeply relaxed in acceptance discovering therein an arrival of true connection so real and so present it is the Spotlight for the Spirit- the cue to transcend life’s sensorial drama May all beings be moved by guided awareness and touch the constant running river of joy, peace and love purifying the temple-garden of […]

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ode to nothing.

Non-Doing is an Effective Tool for Doing Well In a society that boasts the power of identity based on what we do- we must remember that: To meditate is to do. (It prepares the mind/body for action) To observe is to do. (It prepares our awareness for seeing patterns, rhythms) To settle is to do. […]

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