spirit house

Let us look plainly at our man-made structures, watching them closely when the rains come in Where does our truth flow when the vital course rushes through them? Shall we we open and move like water from complexity to calm- taking to the path with the least of resistance? Will we not then work together […]

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Seventh Time Around

Talk to me Oh, the seventh time around When all other cards are flung from the deck When all the little things are known Talk to me then Until that day: Sweep me under the rug (Like you will do) Oh and then- when I am not paying attention- Scoop me under the full moon […]

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hush of the heart

hush, hush, hush for it is time, now that the wisest of sentiments makes its way past the thorns of intellect to slip in the heart’s door after sunset   photo by Allison Castley (2006) English Bay, Stanley Park  Vancouver BC

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tattoo heart

She remembers when one summer night from comfort and safe pillow light punctured her dream canvas and drew her to the window knowing-not yet- what dreams to fallow awkward, here-neither and neither too shallow in her hand -appeared a tattoo heart so in the crisp, lucid stillness visions,from their harbour, imparted she called through the […]

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