Through and Through

Through the depths of shadow and darkness I learned how to heal. Through shame and guilt I have learned to forgive. Through torture I have found inspiration. Through losing all trust I found Trust. Through wanting to die I have never chosen to live more. Through suffering I found care for everyone around me. Through a broken man I found […]

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ode to nothing.

Non-Doing is an Effective Tool for Doing Well In a society that boasts the power of identity based on what we do- we must remember that: To meditate is to do. (It prepares the mind/body for action) To observe is to do. (It prepares our awareness for seeing patterns, rhythms) To settle is to do. […]

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if it is to be.

  if it is to be that another ring grows around the cedar skybound outside my window, another rainbow carpets the mountainside or another year I grow truer in my skin I will know that when we are ready to be seen it is then we will begin the hut I have built from days […]

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