Separately, Together.

Separately, Together   the hush of the house fell upon me its walls waited for the quiet heart’s speech transfixed, with glass upturned –I am caught– Again, the Universe calls (and I listen intently…) Spun into a dark humour I am found staring back at my being a lightbearer; blinded For I am, in this […]

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parting in prayer

Shadows extend and bend around the corner never quite touching me flickering like a candle showing me something more than black against white- more than a light divided overnight different, but no longer afraid of the other softer now, they soothe with the close of bodies in prayer Quiet minutes of the morning dissipate like […]

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Seventh Time Around

Talk to me Oh, the seventh time around When all other cards are flung from the deck When all the little things are known Talk to me then Until that day: Sweep me under the rug (Like you will do) Oh and then- when I am not paying attention- Scoop me under the full moon […]

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