My Daily Writing Praqtice Embarks!


Deja vu.

That is exactly what I would call the moment a flash of insight hit me recently.  I saw, in an instant, that my life’s thinking is to be aggregated in a collection of daily posts for one year. This year. 2018-2019.  The very year I find myself on the other side of a maelstrom of circumstances. Lets be honest – they seem like they happened to me, but in my reality, they happened for me, through me and rebuilding as me. There are no victims in the life of a creator. That said, if I didn’t write about it, it just sounds unbelievable even to me, I might one day convince myself it wasnt real.

The part of me that remembers the first part of the year is squealing in the background! Why, when the foreground is actually pretty simply focused on what is here now, the simple beauty of the sun streaming in on my shoulders and the smooth keys under my fingers. Ready. Connected. Purpose; like steady stream of lightning cursing through my veins… slowed down by the process of writing, I discover the spirit of savoring the process of mind-bod-y-spirit alignment itself in this artform. Writing, my latest intimacy practice…   Ah yes, there’s the squealing again. How exactly will this -work- when my mind webs, weaves and circulates while the mechanism of writing requires linear communication?   Squealing becomes my soundtrack for the growth zone, I see.

Attitude is everything, right?  The relative ripeness of the words to share with the world I have been way too privately secured from historically, Id like you to meet the practice of appreciation. Appreciation is like the fluid in the joints of anything that moves – it keeps it all in the spirit of ease.  In this moment, I can conjure the wisdom to appreciate that now won’t always feel the same as future nows.  Can I appreciate the base-camp, the mid-climb and the peak all the same for different reasons? Lets find out.

Daily Writing Experiment: I am experimenting with simple, precise, bite-size contributions on the daily as well as regular connection to my bigger aim: to cultivate a culture of full-potential driven leadership in our lives beginning with the relationship to ourselves.

So this writing praqtice, however small, articulate or relatively entertaining, is intended to extend care out loud every single day in the direction of engaging with the very topical adventures that life brings. The idea is to make writing a practice rather than an event.  A path versus a mountain.  A voice vs. a performance.

What is the deja vu part?

That sticky summer day in 2004, I was certain to commit to my practice of singing. I was fed up with my voice blending in with the smattering of choirs I had participated in, in fact, I was fed up by not hearing my voice in life at all.  So, like all great singers I admired, I decided to do what they did. Since the majority of them had their roots in a gospel choir, I was going to join and I was going to focus on training to solo.   I had sung since I was 1 years old, but due to tumultuous upbringing, my voice didn’t have much of a chance to make itself known.   So that day, I typed -with a spirit of fierce determination- the three search terms into Google -that honestly, should not have prioritized the search result of a small, community event based choir-  but that is exactly what happened. With a spirit of certitude that singing was no longer a lifelong, background event, I was ignited by this choir director’s vision: an aspiration to pragmatically engender unity through singing, recording, and collaborating as an interfaith, inter-generational, inter-ethnic group of people singing the songs and spirituals of African American whom sang to emancipate themselves from enslavement.  I had read the bio of the director and felt a direct resonance with the path like lightning through my body. I would later discover that each singer in the One Human Family Gospel Choir felt that lightning in our own way.

Little did I know, that after the first rehearsal, I would spend the next 4 years committing my heart and soul to the leadership team and collective vision for the One Human Family Gospel Choir. The fulfillment from such exertion coupled with the many seasons and reasons it survived and thrived, realized the process of empowering a reality of facilitating the overcoming of various personal glass ceilings and social wakefulness when it came to racism, bigotry, and prejudice.

From commitment, begins a journey of a lifetime.

Whether our commitment is fulfilling, miserable or scanty at best, there is always another moment to restart, rescript, replenish and regenerate a vision you will rise to from the roots.  As one of my favorite cultural creative leaders and speakers -Simon Sinek- might say,

“Fulfillment is the result of having enough energy to exert over a period of time and obstacles in the direction of an ideal larger than oneself.” 

I commit to this writing challenge with all the insight, transparency and energy that gave to my community development choir back then, and the work I do with my clients through The Praqtice.


I’d love to hear what are you committing or re-committing to lately?

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May your potential yield much more than productivity, but rather purposed, productive connection to something larger than yourself that sets your inner world on fire.