i want to

I know giving the highest worth to words is a dangerous curse but I still wanna try it cus sometimes where you find a place without resistance the words start rhyming I want to give you something powerful yeah and that cant sour from bad timing I want to thank you for being in my […]

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love is not a legend

it took me seven years to remember what I already knew it took me more to realize that somewhere along the way we learn the truth: love is not a legend. it doesn’t come out of nowhere to save you standing against the sky in jeans and leather larger than life it takes the tumble […]

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distance is for fading

warm fuzzy free-fallingwind turned wild and sugar-spinninga spell is cast in words between linesknowing only what the eyes can deciphera red line on a mapa long cord on a canthere is a growing suspicion thatthere could be a you and mefor now or the coming winterpieces of you come through and fall together, and tomorrow […]

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on electricity

As our bodies twitch and flicker with forests of voices and oceans of lives lived out during the day our hearts find a rhythm and exhalea single long breath moving through tops of treesretrieving the peace in the calm of the night- it is there that we are dancing in night visions where neon signs […]

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Grey’s wisdom

he is there he is there… I don’t even need to turn round to see for crystals spindle-rush and spiral-climb skyward through the very thread core of me it is time – this time I feel it churn so deeply like centuries before because dreams have, with me, their way A fool I will always […]

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the cues

out of the cornersa glimpse of reluctance is castlike lights on a runwaytrailing down a pathI must take more oftenso I turn to their wisdomtouch down with ease and watch wordstrickle step by steplike an entrail in a waterfalltracing downwardto the simplethe feel of its direction alonenot the elaborate contenthas the power to break this […]

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