Edges to Stillness

Edges to Stillness the oceanside taught me, and continues to teach  that there are no edges there are no edges in life edges are just a perception of what we are willing to accept and what we are willing to let go of to give of ourselves more fully and the bridge between these perceptions […]

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De-mystification and commitification

De-mystification and commitification.  There is no such thing as perfect jobs, where upon finding it, you will suddenly be engaged at all levels and feel liberated to be your best. Do your best to pay attention to your life; engage yourself as a thinking, loving being, directing your own actions in alignment with purpose and […]

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Unfolding, I Am

Funny how easy it can be To trip    into     an alternate reality See life through a brighter  l i g h t See that there’s something bigger beyond the manufacturing of wrong and right We can trust now That we can touch the roots of morality in the darkest night of our greatest remembering —- […]

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