Craftsmanship and Judgment

You laugh at the expression that breaks me open Into a place where I finally believe in my right to exist It may not be the highest expression of perfection in itself But then again, I never claimed to be a realist But when a voice carries a beauty bigger than Ever conceived of self […]

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dear family:

Dear Family   the table is long this year stretching beyond these humble house walls where wine is plenty- in each glass as dreams bloom, wildly in the childhood pulsing in our chest there are a few plates empty and this concerns me for there is much to go around let me offer you something- […]

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spaces to speak

oh, pave me a hillside, with the rushing golden grasses of summer lay with me there in spaces so vast we become pioneers take my hair between your fingers while you speak sweetly from your deepest crevices so I can watch your dreams take flight blooming right before our eyes Yes, I want to see […]

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prayer for clear vision

Sweet one you are far from me not but collected like distilled dewdrops in this: the darkest quiet of night the breath dives deeply and stills my thought the moon is too far to touch I cannot pray to her so I wrap this message in indigo cloth warmed by my heart and offer it […]

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I AM. (in progress)

I AM Isn’t it true? we take the time to carefully define ourselves saying: this is who I really am See! This is what I do- but tell me, what do we say next when we forget the mask we last professed -the one that fit at first but didn’t quite pass the test? tell […]

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