The Rising

The Rising One day your soul will call to you with a holy rage. “Rise up!” it will say… “Stand up inside your own skin.” Unmask your unlived life…feast on your animal heart. Unfasten your fist…let loose the medicine in your own hand. Show me the lines…I will show you the spoor of the ancestors. […]

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Through and Through

Through the depths of shadow and darkness I learned how to heal. Through shame and guilt I have learned to forgive. Through torture I have found inspiration. Through losing all trust I found Trust. Through wanting to die I have never chosen to live more. Through suffering I found care for everyone around me. Through a broken man I found […]

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And the Rain Comes

And the rain comes to these hands, to  these feet, that walk the ground that you have given me, always hungry for water, always thirsty for food. This is me in return, in return of everything that years gave and minutes borrowed from. How I’d love to laugh in my puddles, sweep away the clouds […]

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An Ode to Remember

I delve into the weight of a book. Water wipes me clean of the rocks it does not own. And to the many markets I have plucked from I weep for I cannot return to light manuals and unshadowed bulbs. I’ll always catch it thus so. I remember the skirts in the wind long before […]

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