passing through

“honey, its in the stars,” I had fallen for a wandering gypsy mentor Drawn to a mystical wisdom by a rhythm beating louder than his own heart To the next thing that seemed like a promising omen And if its any consolation We will both be wandering In service of self born artists or broken […]

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dear family:

Dear Family   the table is long this year stretching beyond these humble house walls where wine is plenty- in each glass as dreams bloom, wildly in the childhood pulsing in our chest there are a few plates empty and this concerns me for there is much to go around let me offer you something- […]

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travelling in still

in this sated light wind gently brushing the sheer from the blind sinking into the horizon inside I am no longer running I am no longer yearning This thing that is brighter is no longer the other side this touch to my fingers so intermittently real- familiar to hold- is now how I feel I […]

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