About Naked


Naked Under The Poe Tree

Is about the words that flow when the senses shift out of the way of the author in order to experience the Divine gift of becoming an Instrument.

With practice, the senses make their return, humbled, intermingling with each other in empathic dance.  Attempting to illumine a beautiful, transient, and changeable perspective on this incredibly dynamic universe, our lives are called to embrace being more fully.

Poetry is a residue of this consciousness cleansing process; the shore shaped by these many returns. Sometimes we find this spontaneous bliss of open mind occurring upon waking from a dream, coming out of meditation, or in the throes of play or ‘flow state’ or any moment in that wake of a movement of energy,  when our still, receptive mind is met with the mind of the universe.

Naked is about expressing experience one’s humanity in it’s transience as well as the desire for transcendence from the everyday weight of habitual living.

Naked is about exploring the realm of understanding and compassion which a full breadth of human experience requires for evolution. If we are to produce a pearl of life from the state of heart, that is.

Sit under the tree’s subtle shade, let loose the grasp on what could be, and run your fingers through the grass.  Discover, here, an opportunity to connect beyond words. Feel invited to share how a piece moves you and do share your own with me, if your liveliness is compelled to expand and connect your heart to the great heart in all.

with gratitude,