Blinding Perfect

Walking in the rain, 
the ocean is calm
and as matched in grey
as the soft clouds above
do loom and sway
I feel the stillness of equanimity
and yet so alive is Her Nature
Dancing all around me
Stepping out to the edge of the sea
over a hundred hummingbirds soared to the sky 
with such ferocious velocity 
and dove fearlessly back down
into the thistle and bloom
Precision without hesitation
What an approach to love this could be !
The bees came next
though there are fewer this year,
as they bumbled about
their motion gently brushing pollen dust
to carry back home so effortlessly 
Their whole existence is a vessel
built for delivering nutrition
Simply gathered by being drawn to sweetness
What an approach to love this could be!
the world outside these rhythms
which can be seen and not seen
is the fabric we call harmony
weaving all of life together
so that our eyes can witness God
as us and through us
and all around us 
in dynamic harmony – it is there that our feet can step and dance
in the world of creation
never out of Time
I take a seat on a bench of some 
lovelorn heart’s dedication
This song of life; of rebirth
and salvation from illusion begins again
wisdom whispers to me of love
‘the absorption into the dance occurs
by wanting what is needed
knowing nothing more beyond now’
I listen because I am the Friend
I am at peace in this earthly respiration
at peace in the renunciation
of any bound life expression 
which confines love to the deathly illusion of perfection
my vows run to my lips and speak
ever so boldly yet arise from silence
the vows rise from the heart’s desire I was born with
and yet I am set loose to choose
Why compare? There is no perfect
that shackle that keeps me from now
There is no “perfect”
that angry gravity that keeps me rolling
in the quicksand of ‘never enough’
lacking is not love
perfection is not love
 Here, in her lap I am connected
I am washed in the vision of love
that is my very bones and flesh and mind and 
soul breathing space into all things
I recall a question from the day in the bustling city
“is this the one?”  the question rang and echoed from many mouths
“yes, this is the one” a stillness answers
I recall that knowing glance
which matured into an embrace
ripe with release yet an infinite galaxy of space births between
peace pervades peace
in the pulse met chest to chest 
and face to face
and yet…
the conditions are not perfect.
that is how it is now I know enough:
the fullness of reality -when welcomed-
dissolves illusion of perfection
opens her 
opens him 
To what love can be
with a choice to open
to the ever opening within
The Wisdom of Mother Nature 
laughs heartily as it outstretches
this gusting wind
awakening freshness
cooling the brow,
steady at the back
soft at the chest
To this presence,  I am given now
I am given to giving again
Thawed from the Winter of solitude
Tears of memories gravitate 
like the rain to the rivers of release
let them flood back to their home 
Time to start living
Take this bitter denial habit   
Dissolving the words “not now, dear. the conditions are not perfect.”
Bless this rain
Cleansing  intentions until we find ourselves 
Loved, loveable, loving again
May we find the Partner –
that mystic beauty, radiant and ready vessel
made to breathe, dance and extend Divine Grace
within our heads hearts and hands
May we fall into love with the love we are
at our centre
May we drop the conditions binding our surrender
May we cast off the masks of the day
and lather
the earth onto our skin
May we say “yes” and wash our anxiety
at the edges
where the waves are coming in 
May we be so fearless to be 
naked with our presence and intention
Ma we be washed in forgiveness
May we be reborn in this minute
May our breath rest easy, rest
in the All of this cycling existence
May we choose love now
May we recognize it as a release of our knowingness
May we let go in our acceptance
May we be peace accepting
our temporary station in the infinite
May we be brave enough to ask 
how we can offer our best attention
may we be love extended from
a source of eternal blessings; eternal trust
May we relax, may we soften our bellies
and be a space that well worn illusions 
come to confess, dissolve 
and take the shape of blessings
once again
May the hearts of so many others –
on their edge of waking-
Find love revealing the illusion of edges
and invite natural inspiration to outstretch, 
stretching our capacity
to be the unfolding
into what is now
May we be stretched 
May we expand
May we remain, gentle, at last
A dancer in this dance of life of
release, hold, grasp, dive, soar,
hold and be held fast
rocketing into the heights of dreams
plunging into the refreshing unknown
Resting in the stillness of our core
May the conditions of stillness
Meet your centre once again.
And burst open the blindness
Seeing all as perfection
Oh what an approach to love that would be!
a piece from a growing collection of writings called “Ringing the Rain Bell”
by Aeryana Castley