Blinding Perfect

Walking in the rain, 
the ocean is calm
and as matched in grey
as the soft clouds above
do loom and sway
I feel the stillness of equanimity
and yet so alive is Her Nature
Dancing all around me
Stepping out to the edge of the sea
over a hundred hummingbirds soared to the sky 
with such velocity 
they dove fearlessly back down
into the thistle and bloom
Such precision without hesitation
What an approach to love this could be !
The bees came next
though there are fewer this year,
as they bumbled about
their motion gently brushing pollen dust
to carry gifts back home
so effortlessly 
Their whole existence is a vessel
built for delivering nutrition
Simply gathered by being drawn to sweetness
What an approach to love this could be!
The world outside these rhythms
which can be seen and not seen
is the fabric we call Harmony
weaving all of life together
through reciprocity
so that our eyes can witness God
as us and through us
and all around us 
in a dynamic harmony 
it is there that our feet can step and dance
in the world of creation
never out of Time
What an approach to love that would be!

May we be stretched 

May we expand

May we remain, gentle, at last

A dancer in this dance of life of

release, hold, grasp, dive, soar,

hold and be held fast

rocketing into the heights of dreams

plunging into the refreshing unknown

Resting in the stillness of our core


May the conditions of stillness

Meet your centre once again.

And burst open the blindness

Seeing all as perfection

Oh what an approach to love that would be!

a piece from a growing collection of writings called “Ringing the Rain Bell”
by Aeryana Castley