Through and Through

Through the depths of shadow and darkness

I learned how to heal.

Through shame and guilt I have learned to forgive.

Through torture I have found inspiration.

Through losing all trust I found Trust.

Through wanting to die I have never chosen to live more.

Through suffering I found care for everyone around me.

Through a broken man I found permission to be myself.

Through hurting the people I love most I found source.

Through pain music came.

Through illness I found nutrition.

Through injury I found yoga.

Through anger I found mountains to climb.

Through loosing a brother to the other side I found playfulness.

Through hatred I found will to continue loving.

Through Lies I found authenticity.

Through sadness I found gratitude.

Through isolation I found community.

Through losing control of my body I found the Tao.

Through ego I found Laughter.

Through dead ends I learned to listen.

Through depression I found compassion.

Through resentment I found acceptance.

Through grief I found the power to love.

Through heart break I found the courage to start a movement.

Through being selfish I found the beauty to give.

Through searching for love outside myself I found my heart.

Through freaking the fuck out I found stillness.

Through demons I found my Medicine.

Through not reading the signs of the universe I have found feeling in this world.

Through forcing I found surrender.

Through holding on I found the opening joy of letting go.

Through all of it I found happiness.

Learning what not to do is a valuable life lesson

and I am happy to be here and wanting to be here.

Alive and Accepting.

–Steven D. Foord
June 2013