De-mystification and commitification

De-mystification and commitification. 

There is no such thing as perfect jobs, where upon finding it, you will suddenly be engaged at all levels and feel liberated to be your best.

  • Do your best to pay attention to your life; engage yourself as a thinking, loving being, directing your own actions in alignment with purpose and you will bring wholeness to all jobs: finding perfection in all that is.
  • Commitment to this self responsibility allows a vibrational shift; as your capacity to serve expands, your intention to serve more will align you with a position that engages your expanded self.

There is no perfect partner, where upon finding them, you will suddenly feel engaged, needed, loved and liberated upon discovery. 

  • Do your best to make a regular partnership with the Essence inside of you whose energy is always available. Replenish your soul and liberate yourself from distracting thoughts, tension and disease to remain in contact.
  • Become well versed and committed to these acts of Self love in order to become acquainted with yourself as Love more often than not. In this commitment, your vibration attracts a resonant Beloved causing unreasonable amounts of joy and life force it manifests all sorts of magic in the space between.
  • This experience of connection between two resonant vibrating Beings causes a well known biochemical euphoria that is often quite blinding to the Reality that is.  Remember it is also possible to achieve euphoria with a connection to Life as Divine. It is possible to be In Love with love, in fact, this is called Being Love.
  • Connecting to Essence and experiencing life as Divine allows for a broader perspective so as to be more oriented in the Purpose of love between you and your beloved so as to offer exponential love, naturally, to all.
  • Connecting to Essence is direct with prayer and meditation (all kinds, moving, serving, sitting singing etc.) Sharing this choice with a partner or another person forms strong foundation for understanding and sharing reality as it is not as we want it to be or as our hormones may convince it to be. There is power in sharing the recognition of what is, and for celebrating that opportunity to allow alignment with intentions.

Choosing that which brings your awareness to the powerful stillness of mind and openness of heart, you are able to fully be present, and be moved as the Universe, God, or Essence determines. Life in this way, feels like a flow – a constant stream of intelligence and love.

  • We experience this flow when we are deeply relaxed, free of all mental, physical and emotional tension
  • Each of us experiences this relaxation and centredness or Essential nature through various choices based on the patterns our consciousness is manifested as (our unique dynamic nature.)

Learning what action, thought, feeling in each moment brings you to integrated (body, mind, spirit) balance and how our body-mind is communicating its status is our primary career as a human and as a lover, wife, husband, sister, brother, and daughter, son.

Committing to this awareness makes us a dynamic, awakened, sustainable contribution in society – offering effective, precise, healing or wholesome contributions through the inevitable evolution of our bio-spiritual world which is simply mirroring a range of expression which we can directly and compassionately experience in our own singular bio-spiritual experience of reality.

with Love,