patience for letting

Oceans and oceans
and, oh,the deep seas
Have seen my every
(Yes) my every…thing

But to my love, I

Was like a boat in a bottle
Stuck -somehow-mysteriously inside-

Running me into myself, riding on sands and

Quickly falling out of time

So I…
Kept on moving

Between beaches and buildings
From closets to stage lights

It became a practice as frequent as breathing

Dissolving the Judgement, I began

To move out of each shelter

Taking up residence in the Great Heart

A room purified by the Light of the moon

Yes, my Love found me there,

He found me there too.

He crossed the tracks -with a soul-full of music
He brought my feet to dance, you see

Dazzling in voice of the people,

Magnetic in stature, behind the eyes a faint gloom


Surely this fascination would become the

Shipwreck I heeded no warning for

The practice of inquiry carelessly tossed

Leaning over the edge of “I am”

Into the abyss: I became lost


Cast back and forth the darkness

the horizon expelled easily

The waves knocked me into surrender

Though a shining glimmer held steed

I am not a slave to another

A voice reminded me.

I am roughing the diamond in Me


At the edge, into nothingness I plead

“Oh the patience I seek”

Will you find me!

The patience I seek- please come to me!

That’s when Spirit’s call pierced the Veil

Exposing a throbbing softness of


Accepting the soft inbreath

Embracing the allness in me.

Patience: sweet rescue of virtue

Saving me from tyrannical doubt

Drawing the inner I from me to “We”


It was then, my Love appeared in full view

When I caught the firelight
in His eyes-fickering truth
I saw myself alive with paradox

And I let out a howling laugh

Whipping my limbs into the Dance.

I danced alone, I danced with Love

I danced with the known and with the Mystery

We know not of


Singing to the looming tale of Tragedy “I’ve had enough”

“Sink the Fantasy”

“Bring me Reality”


I can taste with a hunger now, more alive

I want only the very nowness – I want what IS

I just have to be free, now

I just want to be free


Oh the patience I seek

Oh the patience I seek

Oh patience- the gate to that great someday

Discipline forge me a bridge

To a victorious new Way

I bury my mind in the Earth, praying

“Oh the patience I seek”

Oh the patience I seek

Oh the patience I seek

You have found me!

Oh the patience I can embody

Trusting I have all that I need.


Ally Aeryana


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