stream lining

been streamlining
been finding things that birth smiles in me
been finding things that I havent seen in a while
letting this movement carry me
I am moving through the cracks in the earth
I am tumbling
I am being set free
washing the sediment clean
letting it settle on the banks
letting the world run from the corners of my eyes
been gathering momentum
been tossed
off the edges
embraced in clarity
guided by the gravitation
listening to move, dance skip, walk
in synchronicity
thank you thank you
for this blessing
this earth and water re-minding
deepening to soften this body

rebirthed I am

a catalyst for flight

tell me
what is it that you dream
what is it that you can shed
to streamline
to open to that sky journey
dropping life back into the cycle
of freedom?


Your insights, intuitions and suggestions...?

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