stream lining

been streamlining been finding things that birth smiles in me been finding things that I havent seen in a while streamlining letting this movement carry me I am moving through the cracks in the earth I am tumbling I am being set free washing the sediment clean letting it settle on the banks letting the […]

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as the dust falls

tenderly, she puts the book to rest. Not knowing or caring what dark thing may take her last, waking breath. Slipping into a sorrowful abyss a tear broke the skin and loosened her clenched fist. A prayer birthed and escaped her tongue yet reaches not her beloved one. tenderly: is a wing that beats not […]

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spirit house

Let us look plainly at our man-made structures, watching them closely when the rains come in Where does our truth flow when the vital course rushes through them? Shall we we open and move like water from complexity to calm- taking to the path with the least of resistance? Will we not then work together […]

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river of innervention

Divine intervention – river of connections a stream of thought, a spirit’s domain: kinetic, alive, gravitational, simplifying, purifying, catalyzing birth of life, birth of concept abstracting ideas like stones from a mountain arranged by unseen order streamlining for the magnitude of capacity of uses defined by its omniscient partner rippling, rising, swirling, falling, churning, rushing […]

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