Breathe me like that desert sage

You found me
didn’t you, dear one?
senses washed in sage
far gone as the horizon
you talked to me,
and I heard you (but not from your mouth)
You danced with me as we were stilled by the moon

In those yellow grasses glistening at midnight
We were like children, smiling wide

holding up the hillside with the might of possibility

I didn’t kiss you
did I, dear one?
Yet this body could have easily turned to light
Waiting in an updraft of time (there is no rush)

You drove with me into a distance unseen
We travel well it seems
Your hand didn’t want to be anywhere but near me

I think I saw your mind empty into that valley of sage
along with a new friend
Shaking my head, I laugh
having somewhere taken a turn
And slipped into heaven

Turning this sage in my fingers
the scent opens wide,
like I am to your presence
finding nearness in this time of your absence

On this earth that holds us patiently
Lift me like oxygen
Breathe me within and without again
Clearing a space for peace
We can dance on our own stage
Beloved, when you travel to that moment
breathe me in
like that desert sage


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