Seventh Time Around

Talk to melotusfire_howler

Oh, the seventh time around

When all other cards are flung from the deck

When all the little things are known

Talk to me then

Until that day:

Sweep me under the rug

(Like you will do)

Oh and then- when I am not paying attention-

Scoop me under the full moon

And take me from our calloused distance

into the warmth of your well traveled room

For you move me like this ( in and out)

like the ocean; rocking me, becoming me, and

moving me from stillness

but the sounds that move through tell me that

it is not time yet (for love)

So I will offer my lifeblood to the masses

lift  my hands up to heaven

drinking deeply its oxidizing transcendence

making my self a clear channel to flow spirit through

I choose this -in the absence of you

Far from me- you are free-it seems true

but do you know

you live inside of my every cell?

You watch me fly unhinged,

devouring life’s possibility

(there is wisdom to be found here-let me be)

fools will be fools, blind and willingly

But do you see the tear slip in the flight of my glee?

Lay with me, when we are ready to surrender

Let us rest from the study

of the molecular details of love

Take these volumes from our sight, now

The life my soul remembers wishes to awaken; to breathe

Enter this exquisite silent evening bare

I know you can see we are weaving

Spaces and nexuses

In oscillation: within and without

Graces and invention

You, the pattern my soul is drawn to (and has always known)

You, my favourite music

So engrained-like a heart knows its beating

as the one sound from which all emanates

I want more than anything

this space of “knowing” with you just may be

a want which has cycled many lifetimes through

So, dear, patience accompanies this journey

You will find me when it is time

maybe whisper me on the 13th time around

The Mayans think we have a chance

to take our love to the world’s most hungry

and make a dance of our vitality combined

where everything old and new,

deep and see-through

lost and returned

celebrates a great re-uniting


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