no time

I am neither too sad to forget that Love is this life’s journey So vast and fascinating And oh! its magic is well beyond the grasping of our individual imagination Nor am I too happy to forget the pain of the moment When all that kept us warm and surefooted is sliced chillingly from the […]

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passing through

“honey, its in the stars,” I had fallen for a wandering gypsy mentor Drawn to a mystical wisdom by a rhythm beating louder than his own heart To the next thing that seemed like a promising omen And if its any consolation We will both be wandering In service of self born artists or broken […]

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that sweet push and pull

I have been a forlorn lover’s reminder Of the magic beyond the visible spectrum I have been the silvering that steals them From emptiness into the full moon of midnight I have offered a magnetic field that sweet forgotten children somehow find; To frolic in open landscapes, and from their worries; unwind I am this […]

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