tall grass

Revised on July 31, 2004
Revised March 5, 2005

like a child laid in the tall grass
swaying staircase of gold
brushing against an untouchable sky
our minds lift up in circling heights
and let words trickle as they
seek to enhance this high
we exhale in unison
a crooked smile rises
as I ask,
“Tell me who you think I am “
craftily, you smile
reflect the question back
I pretend to know
though I cannot see you yet
I hear you Speaking through music
teaching and learning
Use these winds of change
To challenge
to strengthen
the minds’ experience
of the body of time’s existence
With patience for waking,
offering Generosity & other angel cards,
And soon like the
seven of hearts washed up on shore

There, you walk ahead of my steps
I step not in their crevasse
but take to swimming through
Her ambiguity
no foothold answer
’til the calmness finds me
atop a peak to rest

this year
It is Saturn’s seventh revolution
I feel its guiding motivation
petals on the lotus turn and open
to the rhythm of thirteen moons
cycle of time- in me-aligns

you- yellow magnetic seed
and I- blue electric night
together a walking
Van Gogh painting
fire and water
water and fire
harmonious contrast
that which balances
that which embodies the ability to transcend
sacred, in silence
symbiotic in sound
like the night unsheaths
its most precious jewel; vast
never still enough to behold any
value measured by man,
the cool yellow of day gently
reminds our feet of the
impermanence of surface,
the acceptance of change catalyzes
with pure abandon
at the edges
sand and sea,
mountain and sky,
and the edges of all things real and imagined
you and I
like tall grass
staircase to sky wide,
circling heights
vibrations -may they find
an arrangement of our light
our music only stronger with
our energy combined


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