love is not a legend

it took me seven years to remember what I already knew it took me more to realize that somewhere along the way we learn the truth: love is not a legend. it doesn’t come out of nowhere to save you standing against the sky in jeans and leather larger than life it takes the tumble […]

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tall grass

Revised on July 31, 2004 Revised March 5, 2005 like a child laid in the tall grass swaying staircase of gold brushing against an untouchable sky our minds lift up in circling heights and let words trickle as they seek to enhance this high we exhale in unison a crooked smile rises as I ask, […]

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distance is for fading

warm fuzzy free-fallingwind turned wild and sugar-spinninga spell is cast in words between linesknowing only what the eyes can deciphera red line on a mapa long cord on a canthere is a growing suspicion thatthere could be a you and mefor now or the coming winterpieces of you come through and fall together, and tomorrow […]

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Waking the Warrior

I am a warrior strategist Moving forward in flight I cover my body with shadows Letting my mind into the light Like the spaces between buildings Like the silence between sounds I am a clear vessel Of form unbound When I am a warrior My blood is warm, ready and quick Intentions are transparent, unguarded […]

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on electricity

As our bodies twitch and flicker with forests of voices and oceans of lives lived out during the day our hearts find a rhythm and exhalea single long breath moving through tops of treesretrieving the peace in the calm of the night- it is there that we are dancing in night visions where neon signs […]

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the anatomy of grey

The morning sky, she claimed me -stolen by the haze- I let the bitter wind invade me Believe me, There is no other grey like Wreck Beach Grey merciless rain falls here angry arrow straight washing clean the tired, heavy slates and I-picking stones- step lightly and wait while the winter sands’ bruised chest lay […]

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