unfinished departure

What is it
wherein the will is stirred
and cooed
by the harmony
of Her deep languid pools

drawing my body, ignorant of gravity
revisiting this seaside reverie like a ghost

travel past dark windows and settled bones

to a heart-filled room
where a drum beats to a lively tune
pah– pah-pah pah-pah
punctuating the drone
in my tiny old hometown

I unbottled my voice
to renew. to renew!

in the harbour of
the piano man’s husky, traveled, musing

the keys spilled stories

to the gathered few
the sweet aroma of deep dish
washed and rolled through
humbling the hour before closing drew
steeped in friendship

well past the oven’s last ember
swaying to the charms of one more song
the sign to the outside “OPEN” cools in repose

perhaps maybe another glass for it wont be long
before tomorrow we are new faces
bare to the sun
daily bustled and errand-run
for now, I request the gentle sadness
of a last tune
a forgiven and still
forbidding wound

but oh the soft promise of peace
in affectionate reflection
the melody enchants me so softly with
‘the nearness of you’
knowing that from this place
walking to my pillow-bed under the moon
we are ships parting
too soon


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