if it is to be.

  if it is to be that another ring grows around the cedar skybound outside my window, another rainbow carpets the mountainside or another year I grow truer in my skin I will know that when we are ready to be seen it is then we will begin the hut I have built from days […]

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I could search out all the rocks in my garden, love but when it rains the daystraight through only more and more rise to the top I dont want to wait till the picture is perfect -for you to come closer I could be old and dying and dear, but my love will never stop […]

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tattoo heart

She remembers when one summer night from comfort and safe pillow light punctured her dream canvas and drew her to the window knowing-not yet- what dreams to fallow awkward, here-neither and neither too shallow in her hand -appeared a tattoo heart so in the crisp, lucid stillness visions,from their harbour, imparted she called through the […]

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unfinished departure

What is it wherein the will is stirred and cooed by the harmony of Her deep languid pools drawing my body, ignorant of gravity revisiting this seaside reverie like a ghost travel past dark windows and settled bones to a heart-filled room where a drum beats to a lively tune pah– pah-pah pah-pah punctuating the […]

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