Vowing A Way of ‘The One’ to the ‘We of Three’


It is not what you do
but the way you do that enchants me
and inspires me even in dark moments to be true
and for this I am truly grateful

I love the you who is presently, who was in the past, and who will be
With the me that is my act of creation, act of devotion, and act of honour, making this symbol of unconditional love that I offer you- as timeless as a legend

This gift is a symbol like the endlessness of the universe
I give this to you as an expression of my gratitude
I am grateful that:
It is with you I have traveled through pastures of pleasure and we, as lovers, connect in flesh
It is with you that I have traveled through mountains of resistance to the peaceful alpine air of acceptance
As wanderers we are connected despite geography
As thinkers , we two placid reflective pools, are connected in consciousness
It is most of all, with you that my heart is full to overflowing
That I may have much light to offer others

And through this offering, light travels further than my mind can conceive
or my flesh can endure
In this way, our two spirits are connected and communicated
by a united consciousness that is tangible, pure, and transcending

May our souls be aware of their embodiment of God in all its forms
May this union bear the flexibility in reciprocity that is inherent to growth
and the strength of selfless love-a platform from which to fly from
May the dedication to a principle larger than our own individual need
be shared in the language of acts of kindness and compassion

Because it is with you I am reminded of peace
We enter our adventures trusting life as our teacher, our co-creator 

In this way our individual energies, bonded, combine into a third spirit-body:

Awakened and spreading beyond the body through time
like sunshine spreads in an open sky

with all my heart,


A note from the author:

Friends, lovers, teachers, children, parents are not so much found as created…through practice. Re-choosing, re-listening, re-inviting and remembering the Friend, Lover, Teacher, Child, Parent within.  If they could be found, they would be consumed, and we too, consumed. That would be it. Death by way of temporary satisfaction of an abyssal emptiness disguised as neediness met; compatible fears. That death is the dishonourable death, the kind that says life had no meaning. Beauty, honour, play and love are in the dying out of me-ness and it’s leaning towers of achievement, or the familiar comfort of trenches of our despairing wounds. Love is spaciousness requesting space where the air is thin, the crevasse is closing in and the earth shaken…it is surrendering to what is, and to being shaped into a more spacious heart, not defeated, but more ready. For a new day, a fresh now, a witnessing of brilliance, a glimpse of intrinsic glory of wholeness. Acceptance of enoughness. Familiarity of fullness can begin there. Abundance is a dance on the ground of enoughness. Grand vision executed from a precipice of peaceful trust in the co-creative relationship of ‘we.’ A relationship being beyond meeting “the one” and inclusive of including the three (you, me, world.) 

The poem was originally written  on June 13 2004 without a title as a conversation with the Beloved. The intention was to be in contact with the qualities and unconditional nature of love so as to familiarize and draw it near.

The poem was later requested to be used in part for a friend’s wedding weekend whom which borrowed the first half as a love letter sent to her fiancee on their wedding day.


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