Layers “So much luggage!” the voice says. I laugh, taking off the needs, those heavy needs unbuckling the how’s and the why’s and the rapturous, dissonant speeds like a tear escaping in the wind like a ferry departing the shore fleeting, this moment,and yet necessary To wonder, to wander a little more  Asking “Can we touch […]

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Through and Through

Through the depths of shadow and darkness I learned how to heal. Through shame and guilt I have learned to forgive. Through torture I have found inspiration. Through losing all trust I found Trust. Through wanting to die I have never chosen to live more. Through suffering I found care for everyone around me. Through a broken man I found […]

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Edges to Stillness

Edges to Stillness the oceanside taught me, and continues to teach  that there are no edges there are no edges in life edges are just a perception of what we are willing to accept and what we are willing to let go of to give of ourselves more fully and the bridge between these perceptions […]

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The Pioneer’s Cabin

The Pioneer’s Cabin by Aeryana Castley December 25 2018 To be comfortably close, I hold it possible Born into this anxious age, we twin souls Separated at birth For when you come home, I breathe a little deeper, when your limbs curl next to mine When it’s wintry, I am reminded Your soul has been […]

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The rain reminds

Inside the bustling, cozy cafe, I’ve decided to, at last, write.  To notice, out loud, on paper.  It’s warm enough outside that there’s an absence of steam on the windows despite the espresso machine operating at full tilt. Still, a distillation of sorts persists.  I’m contemplating the rhythms of Life. Just ask anyone about theirs- […]

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